MARCETTE a committed shop

At Marcette you will find authentic and unique decorative objects from the second-hand market. The objects and furniture on offer have a history and a life experience that gives them a unique charm and charm. Marcette china, repairs, renovates ... In short gives a new shine to objects without distorting them. The beauty of vintage also comes from imperfections that are traces of their past.

Marcette wants to limit its ecological impact and uses recycled and/or recyclable packaging and chooses carriers engaged in an eco-responsible approach. The most fragile products are protected with eco-friendly bubble wrap from recycled materials or second-hand bubble wrap. Bubble wrap provides good protection and absorption of shocks. The tape for the packaging is made of kraft paper. It allows you to close your parcels efficiently while respecting the environment, and recycles like cardboard. The packaging is not the prettiest but it respects the planet!

At least, as much as possible! Indeed, for some pieces that are too large, I cannot always respect this principle to the letter. But once the package arrives at your home and unpacked, perhaps you will give it a new life by reusing the packaging?